After being displayed in New York and Los Angeles the Art Machine is back to it’s original home: The Hole.

THE ART MACHINE: MARCH 9 – March 21, 2012 

12 – 7PM Tuesday to Sunday 

Developed and produced by New York Art Department the Art Machine is is a collaborative art project co-curated by The Hole. It was made possible by the financial support of G-Shock.

The Art Machine is the prototype of an automated art installation that displays and sells the art of over 50 artists and cultural contributors. The screen set atop the machine plays a video that informs viewers about and instructs buyers on how to use the machine.

Created and produced by New York Art Department, the video atop the machine was shot and edited by longtime collaborator Cliff “The Crystal Pharaoh” Cristofaro, and includes minimal soundtrack tidbits kindly “loaned” by British musician and producer Jamie XX.

The machine’s flat white body is reminiscent of a gallery’s stark white walls and the artists’ works are shot with a vintage polaroid camera using expired polaroid film (the film is no longer manufactured).

Aside from a nice white frame, the expired polaroid film produces images that have a unique quality. The viewer see what’s in the box, but not in HD. He or she is left to imagine the actual product in high resolution and base their purchase on impulse, a gut feeling or a previous knowledge of the Artist’s work.

The works are arranged by price and with the exception of the Tees, an artist’s work hides another artist’s work. So what you see in front of you could be a one-time purchase opportunity.

At this time prices range from $25 to $1200 and participating artists and contributors include:

Alife, André, Bast. Bec Stupak Bojo Lawrence, Brian Kenny, Brigitte Engler, Charles Shedden, Chris Beeston, Clayton Patterson, Craig Costello, David Shrigley, Dearraindrop, Dr. Revolt, Eric Haze, Evan Gruzis, Fools Gold Records, Friends With You, Goeff McFetridge, Gorey, Ivan Sabekst, Jack Greer, JD Samson, Jesse Edwards, Karen Black, Kasper Sonne, Kathy Grayson, Kembra Pfhaler, Kenny Scharf, Malcolm Stuart, Matt Leines, Neckface, Oscar Sanchez, Palma Blank, PJ
Linden, Rashid Karim, Ricky Powell, Rivas & Tullie. Romon “ROSTARR” Yang, Ryan McGinness, Shepard Fairey, Slava Mogutin, Soba Eshima, Stefan Bondell, Steve Ellis, Suckadelic, Taylor McKimens, The Crystal Pharoah, The Hole, Todd James, Ulli Rimkus, Max Fish, William Leroy (Billy’s Antiques and Props on the Bowery)