Mountain Dew NYD

In other news: A few months back New York Art Department began working with
Mountain Dew—an active benefactor of young creative minds around the globe—to produce a series of powerful Mountain Dew images specifically for New York City’s critical eye.

As usual, we leaned toward simplicity, boldness and high visual impact—all characteristics found in vintage Mountain Dew packaging designs: Mountain Dew’s original “wave” logo of the 70s and 80s is classic Pop Art.

As we started playing around with the brand’s vintage soda bottles and cans, a different conversation around soda began picking up momentum in the city: A proposed city-wide ban on drinks larger than 16oz. We dismissed it at first but, as the topic gained steam, we thought: “What next, back to Prohibition… ?”

New York Art Department is about self-expression and individual choices; so the Prohibition parallel struck a chord. From that point on, it all happened fast. Assignment and current events converged: These posters started hitting NYC streets today.

Mountain Dew Wild Post