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Screening Reception - August 28th, 6 - 9 pm
On View August 28 through September 4, 2012

The Hole Shop
312 Bowery New York, NY 10012
Tuesday to Sundays, 12PM to 7PM


New York Art Department is proud to present the debut of It’s Our Pleasure To Serve You, a short film by Joey “Joe Cups” Gallagher featuring Barry McGee, Alex Olson, PJ Ransone, Kunle Martins, and Gillian Garcia of Grave Architecture. Music by Arch M, Eric Copeland, and Avey Tare. 

In 2010 Joey Gallagher shot and directed music videos for Animal Collective. Looking for “what next,” Gallagher has since moved from city to city, “essentially trying to find solace in an urban environment.” As a result, his films capture a sense of nostalgia for something that was never there. He primarily shoots Super 8, and his style is defined by his medium. His latest Super 8 surf-ish film, GETAWAY, is a bleary collage of focused wonderlust, capturing the ineffable qualities of skateboarding, surfing and life itself: “The video wound up being more about the idea of moving rather than the physical act of moving.”

It’s Our Pleasure To Serve You is an extension of GETAWAY’s movement. The film explores the ideas of isolation, relations, space, and home through fuzzy, quickly dissolving images that cut and fade before you can process why they make you feel good—but they do.

Gallagaher’s films have shown at the New York Surf Film Festival, art series I’ll Tell You What You Tell Me When (curated by Tyler Healy), The Message Board at VSTR (Australia), IRAK show at Fools Gold (NYC), Mollusk Surf Shop, and the Nike Bowery Stadium. His work will be featured in upcoming book Milk & Honey (AMMO Books), curated by Justin Van Hoy.

Gallagher lives and works in Los Angeles but frequently visits New York. 

For more information, contact info@newyorkartdepartment.org