Please take a moment to read this. I need you help. It’s important. Bear with me.

As you may know, I love running. Not only does it keep me physically fit, running helps me find mental balance to live a fuller life. 

This Fall I’m joining my love of running to a cause that is close to my heart:  

I’ve joined Lance Armstrong’s Team LIVESTRONG in the ING NYC Marathon and I am raising money to help in the fight against cancer. But for this, I need your help and generosity! 

In short it’ll boils down to this: 

Make sure I run the NYC Marathon and help those with cancer. Donate to my LIVESTRONG Foundation fundraiser and help me reach the $3800 fundraising goal: Please:

Any small amount helps in the fight. I’m hoping to raise $3800 for the fight against cancer and finish the Marathon. With your help and support, I can accomplish both. LIVESTRONG set me up with a personal website,, where you can learn more about my participation and contribute to the cause. Remember, every dollar counts. 

I’m running to stand up for the 28 million people living with cancer worldwide. 

I’d like to thank you in advance for your donation. If you can’t donate, please think about joining me by registering on

Arnaud Delecolle

New York Art Department