The Hole Shop

Kostas Seremetis Simulation Story

Print Release/ Film Screening/ Book Signing 

Artist Reception Thursday July 26th, 2012 6-9PM

On view from July 23rd until August 5th, 2012

The Hole Shop
312 Bowery
NY, NY 10012

The Hole Shop is proud to present Simulation Story, a multi-media installation by artist Kostas Seremetis. The exhibit introduces the third and latest installement (wave3) of The Covers print edition series; the first NYC screening of Trilogy, a groundbreaking remastering of the 3 original Star Wars classic movies; and the release of Kostas Seremetis Simulation Story, a 32-page volume published by New York Art Deparment. (available for pre-order here)

Come hang out this Thursday, July 26 between 6pm and 9pm and have your copy of Simulation Story signed by Kostas. Also, take a look at some pictures from out Studio visit a few a weeks ago here.

Kostas Seremetis —, is known for his intelligent and blunt disection and reappropriation of classic pop icons. Depsite a penchant towards the darker, less happy side of the cultural spectrum, his work is imaculate, bright and attractive.

"This is all a landscape of my thoughts and influences, a visual language that identifies my actions as an artist, the typography within the comic book universe poetically rhyming with unrelated situations, kings and icons. If you surround yourself with heroes you will eventually become one.”

Seremetis lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He has exhibited his art and screened his films around the globe. His work has been displayed next to artists such as Gerhard Richter and Jean Michel Basquiat at Murakami’s KaiKai Kiki Tokyo gallery; and most recently in Modena, Italy, at the Kindergarten Group Show—curated by Giorgio de Mitri—alongside Delta, Mode2, Os Gemeos, Tom Sachs, and Futura 2000.

THE COVERS (wave 3)

The Covers
The latest release of works belonging to Kostas Seremetis’ The Covers: an ongoing silkscreen print edition series. 
In The Covers Seremetis superimposes chosen pairs of popular culture icons and comic book action heroes/villains and presents them in vibrant and detailed compositions reminiscent of classic comic book covers. The pairings suggest a redefinition of well-known figures although the reinterpretation is at times based purely on aesthetic affinity between two subjects. Released annually as groups of 4 prints Seremetis calls waves, The Covers series was first introduced 2010, with wave 2 following in 2011. Wave 3 introduces the latest 4 editions of the series and will be shown alongside the previous two series.
THE COVERS (Wave 3), 2012.
Batman/Crimson Ghost;
Daredevil/Marcel Duchamp;
Superman/Hang In There;
New Gods/Rammellzee

Silkscreens on paper
Dimensions: 11” x 16” (50.8 cm x 40.6 cm)
Editions: 25 - Signed & numbered.
Price: $500.00



- Premiered at the The Cinematheque de Tanger; 2010
- Featured at the Sydney Underground Film Festival; 2011
Trilogy is a 126 minute study in Abstract Expressionist Pop Art that is as ingenious and as it is riveting. In one brilliant move, Kostas Seremetis presents us with all three episodes of the Star Wars trilogy simultaneously—reinventing the familiar saga into a surprising moving picture and soundtrack collage. Taking the left third of Star Wars, the middle third of Empire Strikes Back and the right third of Return of the Jedi, Seremetis edited this 126-minute film synchronizing the 3 parts to dissonant effect: Characters move in and out of portions of the screen, ships and battles appear and disappear melding into one part of the screen from another part, while the third portion of the screen portrays a crucial moment of discovery in a character’s development. Also on display, flanking the screen, Seremetis’ two new posters that collage the original Star Wars movie posters and mimic the artist’s original film concept.

Kostas Seremetis, Trilogy, 2009, 126 mins


Kostas Seremetis Simulation Story
Celebrating the release of The Covers (wave 3) and the first ever public screening of Trilogy in NYC, New York Art Department presents Kostas Seremetis Simulation Story: A visual voyage of images from the print edition series juxtaposed to stills from the film and other works on display at The Hole Shop.
New York Art Department; 2012; Softcover; saddle-stitched; 10.5” x 7.75”; 32pp

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