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"Featuring a carefully curated selection of contemporary artists, the Whitney Art Party auction has become a go-to event for young collectors."

Artworks will be on view at the Whitney Art Party, May 8, 2014 purchase tickets here). No buyer’s premium. Bidding closes on May 8, 2014 at 11:59PM ET.

While we don't love yellow, here's what we really like:

BÄST   Fun Boy 3 , 2014

BÄST Fun Boy 3, 2014

TED GAHL   The Cultured House Painter , 2013

TED GAHL The Cultured House Painter, 2013

KADAR BROCK   deredemitrgawxi , 2007-14

KADAR BROCK deredemitrgawxi, 2007-14

MIKE YANIRO   Untitled , 2013

MIKE YANIRO Untitled, 2013

JUAN BETANCURTH   Erotics of  Discipline #1 , 2013

JUAN BETANCURTH Erotics of  Discipline #1, 2013

NICK DOYLE   Piano (Dream  Sequence) , 2013

NICK DOYLE Piano (Dream  Sequence), 2013

DUSTIN YELLIN   Letter to Artaud and Texas , 2013

DUSTIN YELLIN Letter to Artaud and Texas, 2013

And of course:

RICKY POWELL   Warhol / Basquiat , 1985

RICKY POWELL Warhol / Basquiat, 1985