• Capricious 88 (map)
  • 88 Eldridge St, 5th Floor

A quick Google of Petra Collins makes her seem like the art world's Lena Dunham, but there's way more to her work than girls. She actually reminds us more of the pervy cat from the Met's exhibition "Balthus: Cats and Girls— Paintings and Provocations." She grins knowingly and leers at us from behind her camera lens, giving thirsty voyeurs an intimate look into the secret world of girls... and unabashedly destroys their wet dreams of topless pillow fights and make-out sessions and replacing them with a softly lit, pink reality.

We're excited to see this exhibition--fingers crossed that the Internet stops obsessing about her pubic hair and starts to consider why it's so fixated on these hypersexual images of young girls.

BTW, Collins is also the founder and curator of The Ardorous, an online art collective showcasing work by emerging female artists, as well as a staff photographer at Rookie, Tavi Gevinson’s magazine for teenage girls, and a casting director for Richard Kern. And we love her.